Wednesday, 28 November 2007

BBC's William Blake

William Blake - Satan, Sin and Death at the Gates of HellFinlo Rohrer has written a piece on William Blake for BBC News Magazine (title link). It's the usual stuff - Was he a visionary or a nutter? -, but it contains some interesting snippets of fact. Here's Satan, Sin and Death at the Gates of Hell, one of Blake's illustrations for Paradise Lost. Does it matter whether he believed this Christian fantasy or illustrated it as he might a Judge Dredd comic? Nobody believes in Judge Dredd, do they? Er ... I might be on unsafe ground here. Over the centuries, humanity has created and worshipped 2,500 gods! Any bets that a denizen of the London ghettos is praying to Dredd right now? "Save me, Dredd. All the kids on the block got guns or knives."


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