Friday, 30 November 2007

Phishing Scams Latest

I.C. - Montage of Banking Logos used by Criminals (2007)I received more than my usual crop of phishing scams yesterday - 5 in all -, so I thought I'd post this montage as a warning. Make no mistake, the people who hijack banking logos and use them on emails warning you that there's been "unusual activity" on your account are serious criminals. The Russian Mafia is the world leader in this type of crime. As the Russian government isn't above harbouring a suspected murderer, we can't expect it to crack down on this nasty little earner. As for our banks, see how easy it is to report a phishing scam to your bank. Extremely difficult to impossible? Complain. To read an excellent account of phishing scams, click the title link. To read the latest news on the Russian Mafia's attempt to hijack Google in order to use online Christmas shopping as bait for scamming, CLICK.


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