Friday, 28 December 2007

Bond Correction

MI6 HQ front view, architect Terry FarrellYou need to post your James Bond first-day covers in MI6 HQ, not MI5, to gain their maximum value. MI6 is the Secret Intelligence Service responsible for espionage against overseas targets. Its original Director General was known as "C"; Fleming changed it to "M" for his novels. MI6 HQ is at Vauxhall Cross, London, in a new £200m building designed by Terry Farrell. It hits you as soon as you emerge from Vauxhall Underground Station. On entry to the building, smile at the security cameras and join the queue for the posting box. Don't do anything silly, like wearing a false Muslim nutter's beard or a placard stating "I love Vladimir". Coxsoft Art News accepts no liability for what happens to you!


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