Friday, 28 December 2007

Mall Galleries 2008

Bert Wright - Wapping and Tower Bridge circa 1948London's Mall Galleries, home of the Federation of British artists, has posted its forthcoming exhibitions for 2008 until May (title link). There's something for every taste, from ceramics to fine art. The first two shows, in January, are for crafts and textiles. The first fine art show is the 62nd Annual Exhibition of The Wapping Group of Artists, which specializes in views of the River Thames, from 11 to 16 February, admission free. This painting of Wapping and Tower Bridge circa 1948 is by Bert Wright, President of the Wapping Group. Very nostalgic. I can remember when the Thames was busy with tugs pulling strings of barges through London (not quite as far back as 1948 though).


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