Thursday, 27 December 2007

Glamour Photography

Unknown Photographer - Britney SpearsHaving raised the subject of art photos (next 2 posts down) I thought it would be worth looking at how a professional photographer glamorizes the girl in a studio shoot. The beautiful model is Britney Spears wearing nothing but beads and knickers. Her makeup enhances rather than detracts from her appearance. She is centrally placed in frame, but this is fine as there is no background object that requires the frame to be adjusted to balance the picture. The girl is the star of the photo and there is nothing to distract us from her. She is perfectly lit from the side, but also back lighting turns her hair - blown by a strong studio fan - into a glorious mane. A slightly low camera position forces us to look up at this goddess. Her challenging pose says "Come get me if you dare". Great photo! As a portrait it would be useless, because it tells is nothing about the subject. The previous photo (title link) tells us far more about the girl; you could almost draw up a psychological profile from it; but glamour?


At 29/12/07, Anonymous Art News Blog said...

A little Photoshop magic probably helped her look so perfect too. I don't trust photos at all. Theyre about as believable as a painting now.

At 29/12/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I'm sure. The best of glamour photos gets touched up. Glamour is perfection, and nobody is perfect. I'm still wondering if this photo was squeezed slightly to make Britney look slimmer than she is. Every time I look at it I'm tempted to stretch it sideways slightly to see if she looks more real!


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