Monday, 24 December 2007

Festival of Lights

Christmas Tree Lights from Feebleminds Animated GIFsAt least three religions celebrate a Festival of Lights, so a display of flashing coloured lights never goes amiss, unless you're Green; but an animated e-card is "greener" than the real thing. If you haven't already sent your e-cards, click the title link for Feebleminds Animated GIFs, the free and trustworthy website where this Christmas tree came from. Have you noticed that animated GIFs are hit or miss on Blogger? Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't. It seems to depend on where Blogger puts them. The Smiley lower down is at bp0 and doesn't work unless you click on it. This Christmas tree is at bp2 and does work. Don't ask me why. Ask Blogger.


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