Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Art Shed Update

Royal College of Art - Invitation Map (2008)In case you thought I was kidding about Thomas Pausz's shed (one post down or CLICK) here's a map sent to me as part of an invitation to visit this noble project at a private showing. (There are perks to being an unsung art critic.) Unfortunately, the date was yesterday. Never mind. Gift horse and all that. Viewings by appointment will continue until 7 February. You can telephone or e-mail the artist - he's doing his MA at RCA, by the way, so he already has a diploma - or Julie Sumner, for details.
Thomas: 07 957 374 463, t_pausz@hotmail.com
Julie: 07 956 890 825, aireyworld@aol.com

My thanks to Redbridge Allotwatch for sending me this information. It's part of a worthwhile campaign to save our allotments. In case you don't know, for a small fee you can become a member of your local allotment community - you don't need an allotment - and you'll receive a discount on all the tools, seeds, bulbs and whatnot you buy there for your garden. Click the title link for the story of Manor Garden Allotments, which inspired the RCA's Revisiting The Community Shed.


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