Monday, 28 January 2008

Marc Quinn's Latest

Marc Quinn - Evolution (2007)Marc Quinn is an extremely rare talent among UK artists. Not only does he convince me he has great potential, but also he pleases the Brit. Anti-art Establishment! He manages to perform this gobsmacking feat by carving realistic statues of unusual subjects or poses. Remember Alison Lapper Pregnant (CLICK) and Sphinx 2005 (Kate Moss in a Yoga position; CLICK)? An exhibition of his latest work is now showing at White Cube's Mason Yard Gallery in London: Evolution, a series of nine jumbo statues in pink marble showing the development of the human embryo. That's in the "lower-ground" gallery. In the ground-floor gallery is his new collection of flower sculptures cast in bronze and then heat treated for a chrome-plated bronze finish. Too glittery for my taste and probably too pretty-pretty for the Anti-art Mob; but, as always, interesting. The exhibition continues until 23 February.


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