Friday, 25 January 2008

RBS Strikes Again

Helaine Blumenfeld - ReflectionBy sheer coincidence, the Salon & Studio Galleries of the Royal British Society of Sculptors will be showing Helaine Blumenfeld VPRBS: recent works The Space Within from 7 to 29 February. (The VP stands for Vice President of the RBS.) At least this sculpture has a tactile quality - you feel you want to stroke it -, but it hardly lives up to its blurb: "Art is an encounter with the unexpected that can extend our capacity for experiencing ourselves and the unknown." Unexpected? Looks like another of those decadent abstracts which Brit. sculptors have been churning out for decades. I'll stick with Wallace and Gromit.


At 30/1/08, Anonymous jackeller said...

Look a little deeper at Blumenfeld's work. I think she's amazing, and truly unlike any other sculptor out there:

C'mon, give her a little more credit....

(love the blog, too.)

At 30/1/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Jackeller

Thanks for the links and the compliment on my blog.

I checked out the graphics on the links and I'm afraid her work still leaves me completely cold. In general, abstract sculpture doesn't appeal to me, although I have seen a few Barbara Hepworth's that managed to be aesthetically pleasing abstract shapes. Maybe computer generated fractals have spoilt me. I've seen some brilliant fractals. It's a whole new ball game in abstract art. Try "fractals" as a search on my blog and see what comes up (maybe nothing, but I've certainly covered at least one great fractal artist).

You've reminded me: it's time I checked out the Ice Art Championships in Alaska. There are some fabulous artists in that competition. It has an abstract category, but my eye is always drawn to the realistic entries. Try "ice art" in my blog search. That's my benchmark for contemporary sculpture. And it all melts!

At 31/1/08, Anonymous jackeller said...

Fair enough - to each his own. Thanks for the suggestions, and keep up the great work!

: )

At 31/1/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi again, Jackeller

Blumenfeld is a highly respected, award-winning artists, so the Art Establishment is on your side and I'm out on a limb as usual. Wouldn't life be boring if we all queued at the same door for our likes and dislikes?

Can we agree on a common loathing for garden gnomes? (Wanna bet I've just offended somebody?)


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