Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Crafts On The Web

Pardalote - Space Invader EarringsMark Ward, Technology Correspondent for BBC News website, has written an interesting article on the rise of traditional arts and crafts on the Internet. These handmade Space Invader Earrings by Pardalote are a good example: old craft, modern design. Etsy.com, the leading online market for craftsfolk, has recently notched up its one millionth sale (CLICK). Did anyone in his wildest dreams envisage modern technology breathing new life into cottage industries crushed by mass production? I wonder what William Morris - founder of the Arts & Crafts Movement - would make of it. His ideas are as pertinent today as in Victorian times. What a shame the Labour councillors of Waltham Forest are too uncultured to appreciate this fact! Hi, Gordon. Read the petition yet? (See the next post down.)


At 11/2/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really interesting and I am sure William morris would approve!

At 11/2/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I hope it proves useful.


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