Sunday, 20 January 2008

Madeleine: A Suspect

Drawing of Suspect in Madeleine McCann case (2008)Here's another grim portrait, published as a World Exclusive by the News of the World. Drawn by an FBI-trained police artist, it depicts the face of a suspect seen in the vicinity of the McCann's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz. There is a confidential phone line to ring if you think you've seen this man: 0034 902 300 213 (Spanish). As usual, the News of The World goes OTT with melodramatic headlines, but this is a possible lead ignored by police at the time. In another development, the Daily Mail reports on the disappearance of a little girl in Spain - Mari Luz Cortes - 120 miles from where Madeleine was abducted (CLICK). One thing is certain: the Brit. press is doing more to find Madeleine than the Portuguese Keystone Kops ever did. They frame innocent mothers (CLICK).


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