Saturday, 16 February 2008

Art Taboo Two

I.C. - Fleshy Knickers Convention: Left Cranach, Right Lefebvre (2008)A closer inspection of Lucas Cranach the Elder's Venus (see next post down) reveals that it may breach the Fleshy Knickers Convention of European art, despite a coy wisp of clothing. (Click the title link for The Great Art Taboo.) I've compared it with Jules Lefebvre's Chloe (1875) which has graced the Young & Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, for over a century without a twitter of complaint (CLICK). Lefebvre's painting is far more sensuous than Cranach's, but it obeys the F.K. Convention. The Cranach was painted on wood, if you're wondering why it looks so ... er ... wooden.


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