Saturday, 23 February 2008

UK Arts Apprentices

Master of Apprentices Gromit © Aardman AnimationsIt seems Government has just woken up to the fact that Brit. culture is worth about £9bn per year. It may also have noted Coxsoft Art's groans about the untalented, elitist plonkers our art colleges have been churning out. Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has announced plans to create 5,000 apprenticeships in arts and media bodies, at a cost of more than £70.5m. This should mean practical education, not arty-farty elitism. The "bodies" include the Royal Opera House, Tate Liverpool (?), Universal Music, the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Trust, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Aardman Animations. Gromit as Master of Apprentices? About time.


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