Friday, 14 March 2008

Manhunt 2 For Sale

Manhunt 2, Axe-slaying SceneRockstar Games has finally given The British Board of Film Classification the chop. Its revised version of video nasty Manhunt 2 is to be released with an 18 certificate and will no doubt be played by every 7-year-old in the ghettos as soon as older brother steals a copy. Any bets that axe murders will be the new in-thing among teenagers? This anti-social result proves yet again that Profit is all that matters. We see it in the criminally irresponsible drive for biofuels, for unwanted runways at airports and in the worldwide destruction of species and habitats. Manhunt 2 is just "one small step for Mankind". Electronic Arts is now bidding for Take Two Games to get its hands on another of Rockstar's developments: Grand Theft Auto IV, due for release on 29 April, with anticipated sales of 10 million copies (CLICK).


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