Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Simonon out of Spain

Paul Simonon - La VeronicaTomorrow, Paul Simonon's latest exhibition opens at Thomas Williams Fine Art Ltd in Old Bond Street, London (title link). He's gone all Spanish for this one, as you can see from La Veronica. "The exhibition will include paintings done at the Las Ventos del Toro arena in Madrid, still lives, and nudes." (Pedantic note: according to Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms by Kimberley Richards with Richard Seddon, Ebury Press, London, 1981, the plural of "still life" is "still lifes", which makes sense to me.) Paul became sort-of famous for playing with some punk band called Crash, but he graduated from art school prior to Crash. To see some paintings from his last exhibition, From Hammersmith to Greenwich, CLICK.


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