Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Dickinson Explains

Judge's Wig (UK)In an article for Counterpunch, artist Michael Dickinson recounts his recent adventures in the Turkish judicial system (title link). The article may not be as gripping as Midnight Express, but it explains why the judge called for an expert witness from the faculty of Marmara University. An art prof. is required to testify as to (1) whether the offending work is a collage or not, and (2) "what would be the perceived thought of a person with an average intelligence who looks at this work". One hardly needs to be an art prof. to testify to Point 1. As to Point 2, the prof. would need to have an average I.Q. in order to answer the question or be a mind-reader! Now I understand why nobody from the faculty turned up (CLICK). Michael, sorry to tell you this, but either your judge is a complete fathead or he intends to convict you and put the blame on Marmara. Ask any psychologist. Or a decent lawyer.


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