Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Smarties Art Show

Prudence Emma Staite - Marilyn Monroe after Andy Warhol (2008)Somebody had to do it sooner or later: use Nestlé Smarties to make "art". Prudence Emma Staite's copy of Andy Warhol's ghastly Marylin Monroe is one of the exhibits in the Smarties Art Exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. She's also done a Banksy and a Seurat, all to celebrate the return of Nestlé's blue Smarties. Can't say I'd ever noticed they'd gone away. So far, there's no mention of this exhibition on the museum website. It should stay that way. The museum shouldn't be involved in promoting junk food for kids, no matter how much Nestlé is paying to sponsor its show.


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