Tuesday, 27 May 2008

James Bond Art

Penguin - Cover of Devil May Care (2008)Here's a work of art that will be viewed by millions of people: the cover of the latest James Bond novel Devil May Care, written by Sebastian Faulks. The unknown artist hints at violence and eroticism by imaginative use of a naked girl's flaming red hair changing into a splash of blood as it swings round her head. The book will be published tomorrow by Penguin. Its website (title link) loaded 5% of some Flash Player routine before I clicked the X box and escaped. When are web designers going to get the message that forcing their visitors to wait for all sorts of tosh to load isn't user-friendly and people won't wait (CLICK)? 4 seconds on broadband is all you've got!


At 27/5/08, Blogger weggis said...

Selfish Net Users

Me boy has been telling his clients this for years but unfortunately he who pays the piper.

At 28/5/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Weggis

I didn't know your lad was a website designer. He hasn't got an old PC he doesn't want, has he? I keep looking, but everything has Windows Vista on it and I won'r touch that with a barge pole.

The web is getting worse. I used to visit pages with graphics I wanted to see. Now I click "show picture" and go straight to that to stop the page wasting my time. So, I'm one of this new breed of "selfish" users and I don't see a fraction of the web pages I used to see.

Incidentally, BBC News changed the name of that article. It started off as "selfish" and then they changed that word to something else. Somebody must have pointed out that it was daft calling users selfish who are sensibly avoiding all the rubbish websites try to inflict on them. "Sensible" is what I call it.


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