Tuesday, 27 May 2008

How To Photo Art 4

Silhouettes Viewing Picasso Paintings (with some help from I.C. 2008 and apologies to Ali Haider)As I've already pointed out, when in doubt pose a pretty girl in front of the daub. If you can't find a pretty girl or you live in a Muslim country, go for a silhouette instead. Here! How did that wabbit get in the picture? Sorry, folks; I can't take this art lark seriously, especially when Abu Dhabis put on the biggest retrospective of Picasso ever, with over 400 works from the artist’s personal collection on display in The Emirates Palace. I mean, those people are so backward and chauvinistic they won't allow their women to drive without a male escort. And it's a public flogging if a woman is caught!
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At 27/5/08, Blogger weggis said...

I thought it was Darth Vader.

At 28/5/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

What, the one with ears? That's Bugs Bunny. The other one is a nice Muslim girl wearing a headscarf ... er ... at least I think it is. You may be right. It could be Darth Vader. I didn't know he was a Picasso fan.


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