Monday, 26 May 2008

ICA Print Portfolio

Mark Beesley - Ekow Eshun Searching ICA Basement (photo: Ryan Gander)Have you £950 to spare for a limited edition (60) of the ICA Anniversary Print Portfolio 2008? Yes or no, here's one of the six prints: Ryan Gander's photo of a watercolour illustration by Mark Beesley depicting the ICA’s artistic director, Ekow Eshun, carrying an abacus and a torch in the basement of the ICA, an image "inspired" by an illustration of a child exploring a haunted castle. Got that? The ICA believes the six artists it commissioned for the portfolio "are helping to define the art practice of the future"! I've always suspected the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) inhabited another planet. Now I'm certain of it. How does a photo of a third-rate rehash of some Enid-Blyton-story illustration shape the art practice of the future?


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