Sunday, 25 May 2008

Tate Street Art Update

Street Art on Tate Modern: Black Cameraman (2008) artist unknownCoxsoft Art stands corrected. This photo from The Daily Mail Online shows one of the new Street Art paintings on the facade of Tate Modern overlooking the Millennium Footbridge. It looks a lot better than Tate Modern's website led me to believe, certainly up to Banksy's standard. But The Mail's caption is a puzzle: "Scary...". What's so scary about a black cameraman? Well, if you think that's a bazooka he's pointing at you, yes, scary indeed. But it isn't. It's a video camera. Perhaps The Mail's caption reflects the fact that the bulk of teenage shootings in Ghetto London is black-on-black crime. So the first thought that sprang to the caption-writer's mind was "That's a gun". Note: psychological research demonstrates that eyewitness testimony in criminal trials is unreliable, because witnesses "see" what their world-taken-for-granted leads them to expect. Now that is really scary!


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