Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Biofuel Crime

Starving African Child in Sudan (photographer unknown)To put Freddie's toast-popping success into perspective and to complete today's trilogy of posts on the alimentary canal (loosely speaking), here's another headline from BBC News: Biofuel use 'increasing poverty'. In a new report, Oxfam calls on the EU to scrap its biofuel targets (title link). A year ago, Coxsoft Art pointed out "There isn't enough arable land on our planet to grow crops for both machines and people" (CLICK). And see my Gordon Brown Wanted poster (CLICK). It is now estimated that the criminally irresponsible rush to produce biofuels has pushed an extra 30 million people worldwide into poverty and potential starvation. The aid agencies can't cope. And here in the UK we're gaily popping food into the air to win a Guinness record!


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