Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The New Damien Hirst?

I.C. - Freddie Yauner and a Slice of Toast (2008)Suspend your disbelief again! This is what they teach them at art college in the UK. To open the Royal College of Art graduate show, art student Freddie Yauner set a new Guinness World Record for popping toast into the air from a toaster! One of his slices of toast attained a height of 8 feet six inches (2.6 of those Euro metre thingies). Coxsoft Art can safely predict a bright future for Mr Yawner ... whoops! ... Yauner. At the tender age of 26 he has twigged what the art lark is all about: novelty, gimmicks, publicity, bullshit and doing daft things that media editors think will amuse the populace. His talent for headline-grabbing toast-popping virtually guarantees his acceptance as a Royal Academician. You can see the rest of the tripe at the Royal College of Art in London until 5 July.


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