Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Graffiti in Berlin

Walter Hock - Jeune AllemagneBerlin has discovered Contemporary Urban Art and Street Art and is now claiming to be "the global epicenter of this international art movement". On what grounds? we might ask. London has Banksy, an "epicenter" all of his own, plus Tate Modern is currently showing Street Art (CLICK). The answer is that The Friedrichshoehe has invited 42 artists from 9 countries to daub its interior walls for Urban Affairs, a graffiti festival. Dates are fuzzy, but I think it runs from July 26 to 3 August. As the art hasn't been created yet, here's an example of German art from another era - Walter Hock's Jeune Allemagne - when Berlin was the "epicenter" for something a lot nastier than graffiti and pretentious blurbs.


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