Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dire Art at Tate

Mark Rothko - Red on Maroon (1959)Having wasted space over the summer with Cy Twombly's twaddle Cycles and Seasons, which ends on 14 September, Tate Modern is descending further into the pits with an exhibition of Mark Rothko's rubbish, opening on 26 September. Rothko's Red on Maroon (1959) indicates what to expect. Wow! Meanwhile, Tate Britain continues its decline into farce. Last year it showed State Britain. It's currently pandering to Martin Creed's nonsense Work No. 850. And on 11 September it opens a major exhibition of mentally disturbed images by Francis Bacon. And they expect you to pay for the privilege of viewing such rubbish when you can visit your local civil amenities dump for free!


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