Monday, 25 August 2008

Killer Promotes London!

Marcus Harvey - Portrait of Myra Hindley (1997)The dust from yesterday's Olympic handover celebrations has hardly settled before an art controversy has blown up. At a party in Beijing's London House, the half-wits of Visit London showed a promotional video which included footage of Marcus Harvey's portrait of sadistic child-killer Myra Hindley, a painting made by children's hand prints. From its first showing it created an uproar and was vandalised while on display at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1997. And this image has been shown around the world to promote London! I don't believe it! Spokespersons for Bouncy Boris and Downing Street have condemned the video (title link). Will an overpaid twit at Visit London be sacked? demands Coxsoft Art. And don't forget Death Star London (CLICK). How many subversive illegal immigrants work for Visit London?


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