Sunday, 19 October 2008

Freud: unfinished Bacon

Lucien Freud - Unfinished Portrait of Francis BaconAssuming you're rich enough to light your Havana cigars with flaming dollar bills, would you bid £7m for this unfinished portrait? If you were a mug who believed the Brit. Anti-art Establishment's claim that the portrait painter and his sitter were two of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, I suppose you might. Collector's item? Another investment for the vault? Oh, have it your own way. Slide your latest supermodel into your Lamborghini and burn rubber to reach Christie's in London. (I refer to the car's tyres, not to the languid tart.)
Update 20/10/08: sold for £5.4m ($9.4m).


At 19/10/08, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...

awful! has this man never learned how to use a size 0.5 Sabre brush loaded with fiery vermillion or delicate mauve??? does he even grind his own pigments?!?!?

Valet! - My hat and coat, I must challenge this imposter to a duel!

At 20/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Lennard

My guess is that his reputation is all down to the Old Art School Tie.


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