Thursday, 16 October 2008

Surfers' Brain Scans

University of California - Brain Scans of Silver Surfer (1) reading a book and (2) searching the Internet (2008)Good news, silver surfers: the University of California in Los Angeles has published a study of brain scans of 24 volunteers aged between 55 and 76 which demonstrates that surfing the Internet increases brain activity. On the left is the brain scan of a silver surfer when reading a book. On the right is the brain scan of of a silver surfer when searching the Internet. Googling stimulates centres in the brain which control decision-making and complex reasoning. Half the 24 subjects were new to the Internet; the other half experienced surfers. The experienced surfers showed more brain activity on the scans when searching the Internet than the newbies. The sample is small - only 24 subjects -, but the results are interesting. Click the title link for the long-winded version.


At 16/10/08, Blogger Robert said...

How very reasuring. I couldn't keep my eyes open when reading a very good book at bed time last night!

At 16/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

Take your laptop to bed with you and you'll be awake half the night. Googling reached those parts which books cannot reach.

Early days yet, but what they're extrapolating from this finding is that Googling may delay senility by keeping the brain active. So there's hope for us old'ns yet.

I wonder if writing a novel helps. I'm half way through transferring mine from Atari to PC and revising it as I go. Then it's off to the library with my floppy disk to transfer it all to a Flash drive and compose it in Word. Should keep the old brain ticking over for October at least!

Here's something that non-novel writers don't know: the entire book must be kept in your head so you don't lose yourself or repeat youself. That's got to be good for the brain.

At 16/10/08, Blogger Robert said...

Not much wrong with yours (brain) Ian!

I had always found it easier to read print from paper and used to print out letters to proof read. For some reason this is no longer the case; strange.

I put some flowers up on my blog for an e friend (American writer); I know you are a keen gardner so thought they might remind you of better days too.

Now our hen is sitting tight, she has decided to sit on a hord of secret eggs. She has obviously heard the news of hard times ahead! How are we to feed eight chicks in December? Global warming is speeding up!

At 17/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

My front and back gardens still need lots of work on them I haven't time to do. They are so lush! And today's a beauty here, but I've earmarked it for tranferring the last batch of files from the Atari ST to the PC. Deadlines! What a pain! Two weeks to go....


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