Monday, 24 November 2008

Angels From Hell

Emily Young - Angel Heads (2008)These two heads look like damaged Roman gods unearthed in an archaeological dig, but no; they are examples of contemporary art, supposedly the heads of angels. Pardon me, but in the days of my boyhood when misguided people were trying to brainwash me into believing in Christianity, I was told that angels were divinely beautiful beings. In Emily Young's hands they are relics from Hell. There are seven and a half of them. Did the chisel slip, Emily? No. They represent 7.5 centuries and they were commissioned to mark the 750th anniversary of Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire. Canon treasurer Mark Bonney thinks they're wonderful. He would do; he's the Philistine who paid the bill. The exhibition of these monsters continues in the cathedral until 9 February 2009.


At 25/11/08, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...

Well, Coxsoft, since the deviations of modern and post-modern art are obviously NOT to your liking I was wondering if you know this site:

It's operated by a British painter who's talented work and aproach art you might like.

At 25/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Lennard

I must admit that Judge Dredd and Wallaca and Gromit are the best things that have happened to Brit. art since Victorian times.

I hope you're not hinting I need to learn to see. That's what Tate Modern keeps trying to teach us. It's the old fable of The Emperor's Clothes. He's starkers, but we've all got to appreciate his wonderful new clothes or admit we've lost our innocence.

I'm all for the kid in the audience who asks, "Mummy, why's the Emperor got no clothes on?"

Still, thanks for the link. I'll give it a go.

At 25/11/08, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...

There's no hint at all :-) he's a painter trying to re-invent realism in his painting, and he's really good at what he's doing.

At 25/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I've just visited his website and you're right. His technique looks very good. Strangely, still lifes don't grab me, because I see most of them as technical exercises rather than as finished works of art. They strike me as needing an added something.

I did see a couple of award winners at the Art Renewal Center that really impressed me:

They may be under last year's winners. It's a website well worth visiting. I've been in contact with two of their winners and posted articles about them on my blog.

Must visit again soon....


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