Friday, 26 December 2008

Coxsoft Unkind to RAs?

Peter Freeth RA - Reflections on a Theme of Canaletto (1999)If you think I'm being unkind to today's Royal Academicians (next post down), look at this print: Reflections on a Theme of Canaletto (1999) by Peter Freeth RA. Who but the artist's mother would bother to visit this dire aquatint? "My son, the artist!" It's one of the exhibits in a small free exhibition Peter Freeth RA: My Affair with Resin in the Tennant Room until 22 February 2009. If you want to know why he wastes his time on this sort of tosh, you may ask him on Saturday 31 January during his "artist's talk" starting at 2pm, also in the Tennent Room and also free.


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