Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Festive Roundup

Fat in London DrainNo, this isn't the latest load of tosh at Tate Modern. It's fat blocking a London drain. Thames Water moans that Londoners will pour 500 tonnes of turkey fat down their drains this Christmas (CLICK). The feminists who run BBC News are worried about what our prostitutes - many of them illegal immigrants charging as little as £15 a time - will do over Christmas. Rude sudoku? Apparently business picks up again on Boxing Day (CLICK). A festive crackdown on burglars in London by the Metropolitan Police has resulted in 593 arrests. Ho, ho, ho, scumbags (CLICK). The usual religious fruitcakes made Christmas speeches. The one that's already caused outrage in the UK is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Channel 4's notion of an alternative Christmas speaker (CLICK). To cap it all a Santa has run amok in Los Angeles, shooting at least three people dead and torching a house (CLICK). Thank Goodness for Wallace and Gromit ... er ... Nick Park, actually. Festive cheer at last (CLICK).


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