Saturday, 20 December 2008

James Bond Bus

Routemaster Design Winners: left Foster-Aston-Martin, right Capoco Design (2008)And now for something completely different: the proposed James Bond bus for London. Let's hope it can detect mad Muslim bombers and tip them into the gutter before they explode. Sports car manufacturer Aston Martin working with architects Foster and Partners is one of two winners in a design competition for the next generation of Routemaster buses. The other winner is Capoco Design, which designs buses, coaches and trucks. The Foster-Aston-Martin design is on the left, the Capoco design on the right. They will share the £25,000 first prize. Whichever design is selected for production, a new Routemaster is urgently needed to replace those idiotic bendy buses which currently clog London's narrow, twisting and overcrowded streets. The twit or committee of twits who ordered that bendy disaster should be sacked and sued. I find it difficult to believe that such a manifestly unsuitable vehicle could have been considered for purchase without bribery being involved.


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