Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hirst Gets Stroppy

Cartain - 'Graffiti Print' using For the Love of God plus Damien Hirst showing his teeth (both 2008)Moneybags Hirst threw a wobbler when he discovered that 16-year-old artist Cartain was making a few bob selling tarted up "graffiti prints" (whatever they are) of his For the Love of God nonsense. At risk of being labelled the meanest git on Earth, Moneybags demanded the money Cartain had made from these prints (example shown) and all the unsold works, presumably so he could copy anything worth copying. Cartain complied. Moneybags profit? £200. He must be feeling the pinch to bully £200 out of a teenager! I understand he's had to lay off some of those workers who produce his tripe for him. Click the title link for The Independent story. CLICK for homage to the Diamond Geezer. (Note: Coxsoft Art News is a non-profit-making organisation.)


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