Saturday, 25 April 2009

Jaffas In Iran!

Jaffa LogoIn a Persian marketplace: "'Ere, Mohammad, wanna buy a Jaffa?"

I'd been pondering the importance of corporate logos - worth fortunes and nearly always designed by poorly paid anonymous artists - when I spotted this news item. It seems somebody has been smuggling Israeli oranges into Iran in boxes marked as Chinese, complete with orchard number written inexplicably in English! Jewish Jaffas are taboo in Iran - fruit of the foe - and their importation is banned. To confuse matters further, the dastardly Jaffas were imported via Dubai. Business will find a way, no matter what political nutters and religious fruitcakes are in power. Look at the "oldest profession". It's even older than we thought. Our chimpanzee forebears started it, offering meat for sex (CLICK).

Male chimp offers meat: "Grunt, grunt."
Slaps face: "Cheap chimp! What sort of girl d'you think I am? (Thinks: How many million years before the chumps wake up to diamonds?) Nibble, nibble.


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