Friday, 5 June 2009

Carla Bruni in Bed

Pamela Hanson - Carla Bruni in Bed (1994)The trouble with working as a model is that when you become a celebrity the value of those old snaps of you in the nude rockets, but you don't receive any royalties. US photographer Pamela Hanson took this uninspiring and badly retouched snap of Carla Bruni in Bed, wearing too much mascara to look natural, in 1994. One of only ten prints of this photo came up for sale at Villa Grisebach Auktionen in Berlin yesterday. I don't know how much it went for, but it's safe to assume it made a few bob. The point is that it wouldn't have been worth selling if the model hadn't become the French First Lady. So when were the 10 silbergelatineabzug prints run off? In 2008.


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