Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sharks: The End

Here's the latest painting in Fizza Abdulrasul's campaign against shark fin soup: The End (2009). To waste a magnificent creature merely for its fins is appalling, but to cut off those fins while it is still alive and to toss it back into the sea to drown is even worse. Nothing new in this, of course. Human greed and cruelty know no bounds. Yesterday the Mail Online published an article on the annual capture and slaughter of dolphins by Japanese "fishermen" - dolphins are actually mammals - from the village of Taiji (CLICK). Ironically, the villagers are poisoning themselves with toxic dolphin meat, which contains mercury, cadmium, DDT and carcinogens! Humanity plunders the Earth as though its resources and its capacity to absorb and neutralize toxic waste were infinite. If only. And what's Officialdom's answer to all of this destruction? Carbon trading!


At 28/10/09, Blogger Seawitch Artist said...

Nice to see I'm not alone in this cause with art, my painting 'shark fin soup' has been welcomed by many, and alerted many .....not enough people know problem exists yet, we must keep up the pressure.

At 28/10/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Seawitch

Fizza's been campaigning against sharkfin soup for some weeks. I've posted 3 of her paintings on the subject. Search for Fizza in my search box to find them. You'll find some good news in one of these posts: a huge shark sanctuary has been set up by one of the pacific islands.

Your painting also gets the point across very well. I'd like to post it on my blog, if I may.


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