Friday, 11 December 2009

Turk Drops A Brick

I do not believe it! A brick made and signed by Gavin Turk - one of a series of ten - has been stolen from a London art gallery: Area10 Project Space in Peckham. A pile of ordinary bricks was also on display, with visitors invited to take one. Somebody did take one, printed "thank you, have a nice day, next" on it and substituted it for one of Turk's bricks. Fair swap, you might think. Oh, no. The gallery claims Turk's brick is worth £3,000! It notified the police about the theft of this "important art" and is offering a reward. Turk has alerted art valuers and auctioneers to watch out for his brick. The entire episode sounds like a script for one of those old Whitehall farces. All it needs is a lovely young curator dashing around the stage wearing nothing but her knickers and a bra and a clumsy male dropping his trousers and a brick falling out. It's The Art Lark. Yer gotta larf.


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