Sunday, 28 November 2010

Age of Shiva

Bristol-based urban artist Mark Sinckler has managed to grab himself some notoriety with this mural entitled Age of Shiva (2010). You can take the name Shiva two ways: 1) a Hindu god, The Destroyer, or 2) in Judaism a week-long period of mourning. Either name could be applicable. To me this looks like a feeble Adobe Photoshop job using elements not created by the so-called artist. The bus is from a photograph. The two ugly cherubs in the foreground look like Rubens' work to me, and the column of naked souls ascending to Heaven is a reversed image of William Bouguereau's magnificent Les Oreades (1902), a fact which none of the art pundits seems to have noticed. Pathetic (pundits and picture alike). Click the title link to read Sinckler defending himself to the BBC. CLICK to view the Bouguereau masterpiece misappropriated by Sinckler.


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