Thursday, 24 March 2011

Badger Update

Welsh Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones isn't the only unscientific fathead in the Senedd. She won her vote and the futile and expensive cull of badgers will go ahead in north Pembrokeshire and parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. "This is a pointless piece of lunacy," commented Queen guitarist Brian May. "It makes a mockery of Welsh law in my opinion”. True.


At 8/6/11, Anonymous druidsmushroom said...

this news is disapointing... i have no idea why so much science and expert opinians have been ignored!
what is more of a shame is that if science proves right then all that will happen is the tax payer will pay more money, the farming community will suffer more wide spread infection of TB and the goverment will see that the cull has cost more than it has saved. this is on top of the fact that we havent seen how the cull will be conducted, what is to stop farmers doing more than allowed, i know of farmers who have been killing badgers for years (if i had evedence id act against) using inhumane hunting tactics, who would keep control and prevent such from happening in the cull?..
when it comes to correcting problems its normaly better to do it properly first rather than take the apparent cheaper root. of corce the cull will cost more in the long run than vacsination!!

At 9/6/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, druidsmushroom

I'm glad you're on the side of brock. I've been campaigning against the insanity of badger culling since 2007. I've complained to the BBC about its biased coverage of this issue.

The National Union of Farmers is a powerful lobby and it needs a scapegoat for all the cattle it loses.

If you type badgers into my search box, you'll find loads of information about the problem. The RSPCA Badger Petition is out of date, but takes you to an interesting page. It's also worth visiting The Badger Trust, which tends to have the latest news.

There have been some scraps of good news lately. The BBC's Countryfile has a poll on should badgers be culled? Results so far:
36% (1477 votes)
64% (2573 votes)
Total votes: 4050.

And financial experts reckon it's going to cost a fortune to undertake widespread badger culling. So economically it may be a no go.


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