Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tesco Turtles

While I'm on the subject of animal welfare, did you know that Tesco in China is selling live turtles for the cooking pot? Here are the poor creatures, bound into their shells by tight netting, awaiting sale in a Tesco supermarket (title link). They can't be fed or watered. The Chinese are infamous for their cruel and disgusting ways of obtaining food and fake medicines: cutting off the fins of living sharks for soup, beating living dogs to tenderize their meat before slaughter, having rhinos killed for their horns, draining bile from tightly caged Asiatic bears, importing the gallbladders of poached American black bears, killing tigers. Tesco should lead by example, not pander to Chinese ignorance and cruelty. Mark Jones, director of Care For The Wild International, has been calling on Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy to stop selling live turtles, but has been given the runaround (CLICK).


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