Monday, 12 September 2011

Operation Charm

One of the many facts Visit London won't tell you is that the old metropolis is a major centre for the trade in illegal products derived from endangered species, a deadly global trade worth £5bn-£6bn. Since 1995 the Metropolitan Police specialist unit has seized more than 30,000 items derived from endangered species: leopard skin coats, crocodile skin handbags, ivory shaving brushes, even "bush meat". According to BBC News, an exhibition by the Met's Operation Charm initiative opened today in the Elephant House of London Zoo and continues for one month (title link). Unfortunately neither the Met. nor London Zoo has updated its website! So, if you're interested, email the Operation Charm website (CLICK) or telephone the Metropolitan Police Service, Wildlife Crime Unit, Publications & Exhibitions at 020 7722 3333. The photo shows a display of illegal tiger products, mostly from China.


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