Sunday, 30 October 2011

Clocks Back Fiasco

When will the UK ever get rid of this insane notion of putting the clocks forward or backward twice a year? For weeks the BBC fat cats in charge of social engineering have been trying to persuade us to use the "extra" hour we allegedly gain at the end of British Summer Time to teach some old duffer how to surf the Web. Extra hour? It's going to take most of us longer than that to adjust all our clocks, watches, TVs, video recorders, ovens, microwave cookers and central heating systems. It takes a team of men 5 hours to adjust the four faces of Big Ben! I haven't started on my work yet. The computer I'm currently using is the only device that adjusts itself automatically. I assume the BBC fat cats have servants to do all this work for them. As for our clueless politicians, they're toying with the idea of moving the clocks forward by an hour to link up with Central European Time (CET)! The Scots will screw that idea. Why can't we just settle for a time in the middle of British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time? That will stop messing up our biological clocks and improve our general health as well as saving us all huge amounts of wasted time.


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