Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Perry Hits Out

Oo-er. It's Turner prize-winner and cross-dresser Grayson Perry, who is currently displaying a load of old tat at The British Museum (CLICK). He's hit out at the art establishment, describing it as disengaged "with the real world" and lacking a "popular wing". He says "Banksy, Jack Vettriano, Beryl Cook. You won't find them hanging in the Tate. Almost because of the fact they are pop stars" (title link). Well spotted, Grayson. I've been moaning about the Brit. Anti-art Establishment for years. It uses inverted snobbery to decide what is art. If the peasants love something, it must be tripe. If they can be expected to hate something, it must be art. To keep this myth alive requires bull. This is why curators need university degrees, so they can spout the bull. Being young helps too, because then they don't realise how asinine they sound when spouting the bull.


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