Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Anti-SAD Art

Here on the Essex side of Greater London, the sun has finally broken through the Autumn fog. Time to think about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Yankee artist James Yamada thinks he might have solved the problem with his latest art installation thingy The Summer Shelter Retreats Darkly Among The Trees (2011) which opened yesterday at Parasol Unit foundation for contemporary art in Wharf Road, London (title link). The aluminium shelter has light elements at 10,000 lux, the light intensity commonly used in therapy to treat SAD. BBC News sent the thickest reporter it could find to ask the artist daft questions like "Is it art or therapy?" and to remark "I have to say I'm feeling better already" (after a 2-second test with his eyes shut). Hopelessly unscientific, BBC (CLICK for video). You should have sent Brenda Emmanus. The whites of her eyes flashing in the gloom would have cheered me up. The question is: Can TfL afford to install 10,000 lux strip lights in all its bus shelters to cure Londoners of SAD? Think of the electricity bill!


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