Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hamburg Ice Magic

Here's a Presse Foto from the inaugural Hamburger Eis-Zauber. Nothing to do with junk food. In English it reads Hamburg Ice Magic (title link). The next time David Cameron visits Mrs Merkel in Germany to argue the toss over the euro crisis, he should pay it a visit to learn something about art. The show opens on 26 November and runs ... er ... holds at a steady eight degrees Celsius until 29 January 2012. Teams of ice sculptors from the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and elsewhere have been beavering away at more than 400 tons of ice to create the show. It amazes me that real artists choose to work in this impermanent medium, leaving art galleries to be filled with junk. Take a look at Gesamtkunstwerk to see what I mean: CLICK. Why can't we have a major ice sculpting festival in London? We have ice rinks.


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