Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rubbish Arch

I can assert without the slightest fear of contradiction that the above artwork is rubbish. Artist Miguel Romo made his rubbish replica of Marble Arch from 120 bags of litter collected by Westminster Council from Oxford Street, Regent's Street and Bond Street in one day! It stands in front of John Nash's original Marble Arch and will stay for 10 days to remind the public to dispose of litter responsibly. Westminster Council spends about £14m every year on cleaning its streets, and that is £14m too much at a time of savage council cuts.


At 14/9/12, Blogger HULST PARIS said...

Hello, I'm a French teacher and I'm looking for artists in London doing trash art or nature art. Could you please help me?
You can email me at
Best regards and thank you very much.

At 14/9/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The Junk Marble Arch was constructed by local artists Miguel Romo, Amos Shein and Jamie Valtierra. Digital agency Nonsense created the idea.

Our best nature artist is Andy Goldsworthy. See if you can borrow any of his books from your local library. There are loads of his images online for ideas.


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