Monday, 17 September 2012

Badger Butchery Begins

Here's another one PM David Cameron sacked recently: Caroline Spelman, whose tenure at DEFRA saw its reputation go down the plughole. (Remember the forests-selling fiasco?) She also initiated the badger culling insanity, on the PM's behalf it must be said. One of his more idiotic pre-election pledges was to kill badgers. Last week The Badger Trust lost its Court of Appeal challenge to stop Government's pointless butchery of badgers in parts of England. "It hasn't changed the scientific facts at all. The majority of independent scientific opinion says the cull is unlikely to work and most probably will make matters worse," Jeff Hayden of The Badger Trust told BBC News (CLICK). Less than a week later Natural England issues its first licence to shoot badgers in Gloucestershire (CLICK). "Natural England – for people, for places, for nature" claims its blurb (CLICK). That's a lie. Killing badgers has nothing to do with conserving nature. It's just a feeble pretence at doing something about bovine TB. It will cost a fortune and it won't work. Historic badger sets will be destroyed just so Cameron can keep his ignorant pledge. Update: scientific adviser Lord Krebs calls the badger cull "crazy" (CLICK).


At 18/9/12, Blogger weggis said...

This (Badger) cull is simply wrong by .... @green_caroline who is A Vet. < who do you trust?

And @Green_Caroline is speaking at the B21 coffee morning this coming Thursday

At 18/9/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Weggis

You don't need to tell me. The Irish proved how useless badger culling is. They virtually exterminated the badger, but now have a higher incidence of Bovine TB than we do.

This futility is all down to David Cameron and the BBC trying to appease the big landowners and farmers. The badger is the scapegoat for farming incompetence.

I had an email from the Labour Party today, asking me to sign up to fight the badger cull. Bit extreme that!


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