Wednesday, 16 January 2013

HMV and Nipper

Yesterday HMV announced it had suspended trading its shares on the London Stock Exchange and would appoint an administrator. The stores remain open, but won't be accepting or issuing gift vouchers (CLICK). HMV's trademark His Master's Voice must be one of the most endearing in the world. It was painted in 1899 by English artist Francis Barraud ARA, who inherited a phonograph and a fox terrier called Nipper, together with a number of cylinder recordings of his dead brother's voice. Watching Nipper listening to Mark's voice gave Francis the idea for the painting. With a redesign of the phonograph, he sold the painting to the newly-formed Gramophone Company. The American rights to the painting were assigned to the Victor Talking Machine Company, which first used it in 1902 (CLICK). Gromit briefly stood in for Nipper in 2007 (CLICK).


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