Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Manet in Cinemas

I must admit I gave up on cinemas decades ago. My two nearest cinemas closed. One became a bingo hall and the other was demolished for a block of flats. I think the last movie I saw at a cinema was the original Star Wars (1977). So I'm surprised to find that a documentary film of the Royal Academy of Arts' exhibition Manet: Portraying Life will be screened on 11 April, not only in selected cinemas in the UK, but also in more than 29 countries, including Chile, Guatemala and Hungary. The film is a collaboration between the Academy and Seventh Art Productions (CLICK). Shown is Manet's scandalous painting of a Paris prostitute; Olympia (1863). Manet died of syphilis in 1883, 11 days after having his left foot amputated because of gangrene. CLICK for an online gallery of his work.


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