Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sebastião Salgado

The Natural History Museum in London has opened the "world premiere" exhibition of photos by a renowned photographer: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis (CLICK). On display are more than 200 prints selected from eight years of work, shot in 32 countries. The exhibition coincides with the publication of his book Genesis by Sebastião Salgado, priced £44.99. (CLICK for a Telegraph interview). Sadly, all Salgado's photos I've seen on display of wildlife, unspoilt landscapes and remote communities are in black and white. One loses so much when taking photos in monochrome. This photo of Waura Indians Fishing in Puilanga Lake, Amazona (2005) succeeds despite being in black and white, not because of it. The other bad news is the price of admission: £10 adults, £5 kids and silver surfers. The show runs until 8 September (CLICK).


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